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illionSo is a tech startup established in 2019 and has earned the reputation as the trusted service provider for small and medium sized entrepreneurs across Nepal. Leveraging our ecommerce, web design and development skills, we’re delivering our service to over 25 clients which include multi-nationals, e-commerce, travel agencies and educational institutions etc.

Our professional web development service helps you build a vibrant online presence alongside meeting technical specifications to catch your Digital Marketing & Search Engine Optimization target. Developing a website for your brand or business is not just a process. It come with rigorous planning, reflecting technical specifications in work, documentation, content organization and platform selection. Either it be just a website or be it web-applications with high workload and high user traffic, we plan the best for your business.

Why Website?

People search information about products and services using search engines like Google, Bing, Baidu etc. and your presence over there is very essential to showcase what you serve. Not only big companies, even small and medium sized organizations need exposure to potential customers. And website is being a formal presence of your business online, it’s more important than ever because of COVID19 pandemic. Website help you in many different way to increase your business visibility and revenue online.

It’s very essential for other various reasons:
– Competitive advantage
– Showcase everything you have: people, products, services, methodologies etc.
– Communicate with past as well as potential customers
– To aware general people about your brand

With our main office located at Nayabazar in Kathmandu, we’re servicing clients from various countries. We also have a successful track record for launching additional products and businesses that address/solve SMEs and educational institution’s pain points during COVID19 pandemic.

Contact us to convert your idea into solution i.e., your dream project into a web solution.

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