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November 11, 2021
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Welcome to illionSo blog. We’re here with another very important topic that could help you to increase your digital marketing campaign’s effectiveness and maximize acquisition by shifting your focus to “Social Media Marketing”. This blog is to education consultants and service providers or to those who fall in the category of Educational Consultancy and focuses on doing right activity, in the right way at the right time. Let’s begin!

You might be known to the fact that, Social Media Marketing (SMM) is a form of Internet Marketing or Digital Marketing that utilizes social networking platforms as main marketing tools. The goal of every SMM is to produce content that users are likely to share with their social circle to help your company increase brand exposure, website traffic and broaden customer reach resulting more clients enquiring or even turning to your business. 

Following are some Social Media Marketing tips for better conversion and acquisition from our Digital Marketing Team.

#1. Know who your target students actually are: It’s very important to focus on the right target audience to maximize the effectiveness of your SMM campaign. With the knowledge of partner universities and the courses they offer, you sould be able to identify and pin point your potential students. For example, if your focus is on Japan Study then focusing on Language Classes and High School students or students with gaps in their educational years may lead more conversion than focusing on students who’re interested on some specific courses only.

#2. Try to establish consistence brand image: So every educational consultancy usually manage their presence over multiple social media platforms. As you’ve gone through point #1 and determineds the platform to concentrate and focus your campaigns, you should be well aware on the brand identity as well. Prime identity of your company should remain consistent across all the social media platforms. This help in establishing association between your presence in various platforms like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, StumbleUpon, Google Plus and so on. For example: You can visit social profiles of Nepal’s largest ecommerce company Daraz where you can find the unifirmity in core identity, brand color, logo and other digital assets accross all platforms.

#3. Focus on engaging, interactive and attractive contents: When it comes to Social Media Marketing part of Digital Marketing, Content is considered to be everything. Social Media presence without relevant and engaging content is worth nothing. You should always keep in mind that “Content is King”. Potential audience of Educational Consultancies might find education related facts, figures, infographics, sayings etc interesting. Whatever you find interesting, you can share to your followers as well. By doing so, you need to make sure that you are offering valuable information that your ideal customers will find interesting.

#4. Track your competitors and think strategically: As abroad study trend is growing, number of companies that work in service line similar to yours is also growing in rapid pace. You should have noticed growing number of educational consultancies in your local area as well. It’s always important to keep an eye to your competitors as they can feed you with valuable data and information to formulate your strategy. By just inspecting what they’re doing can also help you in keyword research, trends, and other valuable insights. If your competitors are using some social media platforms different than yours, you can plan to do the same with better approach.

#5. Measure Success With Analytics: For every Social Media Marketing Campaign you plan and execute, it’s very essential to track the activities and associated conversions. This help you to adjust your campaign as it go and maximize more potential students turning to your consultancy. Without tracking data, neither you would be able to track and measure success of your SMM campaign nor adjust it in better way next time. For this, insights provided by social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest etc. are the things you should keep your eye on. Tools like Google Analytics can be a useful for analysing and tracking your campaign. Also, attach tracking tags such as #HashTags to your SMM campaign in Twitter, Facebook and other hashtag supporting platforms so that you can properly monitor them.

Concluding, majority of your website traffic is the result of your brand identity management, association, responsiveness, and market segmentation etc. which is a result of effective social media marketing planning. To maximize the impact, you also need to focus on local searches like Google Map as well. Regular activities in your Google My Business page is considered to be more effective for Search Enghine Optimization(SEO) in most popular search engine “Google”.

illionSo is a tech-startup from Nepal established during COVID 19 lockdown and has earned a reputation as the trusted service provider for small and medium-sized enterprises across Nepal. Leveraging our software, eCommerce web design, and development specialization, we’re delivering our service to over 25 clients which include but not limited to multi-nationals, e-commerce, travel agencies, and educational institutions, etc.

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