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Mobile Application uses and development is a new and rapidly growing sector. There is a global positive impact of mobile application. Using mobile application developed country are becoming facilitate and people, society of developing country are upgrading themselves and making a new type of IT infrastructure. Mobile applications are running on a small hand hold mobile device which is moveable, easy to use and accessible from anywhere and any place. Now a day, so many people are using mobile application to contact friends, browse internet, file content management, document creating and handling, entertainment etc. From everywhere user can get facility of mobile application. People can do many things of his daily life and business life. Not only the mobile application has an impact for user but also it plays an important role in business. Many business companies are earning revenue using mobile application. The mobile application has an impact on society. The mobile application run in a mobile environment which usability depends on several factors such as: Screen resolution, Hardware limitations, Expensive Data Usage, Connectivity issues, Limited Interaction possibilities. Last few years the mobile companies are trying to develop mobile device with more screen resolution, more storage, better connectivity which provide better environment for modern mobile application.

Various categories of mobile app development services that illion Solutions (illionSo) provides

  • Communication Apps: Internet Browsing, email IM client, Social Networking
  • Gaming Apps: Puzzle/ Strategy, Cards /Casino, Action/ Adventure
  • Multimedia Apps: Graphics /Image viewer, Presentations viewers, Video Players, Audio players
  • Productivity Apps: Calendars, Calculators, Diary, Notepad /Memo/Word Processors, Spreadsheets
  • Travel Apps: City guide, Currency converter, Translators, GPS/Maps, Itineraries / Schedules, Weather
  • Smartphone Phone Utilities: Profile manager, Idle screen/Screen saver, Address book, Task manager, Call manager, File manager


With our main office located at Nayabazar, Kathmandu we’re servicing clients in 4 different countries. illionSo also has a successful track record for launching additional products and businesses that address and solve SMEs and educational institution’s pain points during COVID19 pandemic.

illionSo is the original business founded under the Nepal Government legal framework. Specializing in Web Development and Data Analysis, we offer our clients an end-to-end outsourced service that guarantees added value to a company’s e-business strategy and help them succeed.

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