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Lessons that every technology fellow can learn from Lord Shiva

On the auspicious occasion of Maha Shivaratri, illionSo Wishes you Good Health and all the Happiness you deserve. May God Shiva bestow the Blessings of Energy, Courage, and Success to you and your family. Jay Pashupatinath!

We’re here with another blog post to highlight the learnings that everyone can learn from the personality of Lord Shiva. God Shiva is known for his diverse personalities and names like “Devo ka Dev”, “Mahadev”, “Nilkanth”, “Shivaji”, “Maha Yogi” “Bholenath”, “Ardhanarishwar” and “Pashupatinath” etc. He is known as a destroyer of evil spirits and injustices. Some lessons that every technology fellow can learn from Shiva are:

  1. Tolerance and Self Control
    Shiva is considered as the optimum state of mind and mind’s stability. Whatever situation you’re going through, we must control ourself and think twice before actions. You need to be able to handle your desires and addictions(if any) to win the battle. Focus is everything so you should keep your goal clear and mind as well as heart focused to it.
  2. Research over Ignorance
    Another thing you can learn from Shiva is to avoid ignorance as far as practicable. You might have seen “Ganga” flowing in Shiva’s hair which symbolizes the end of ignorance. Know the subject matter well before getting into it to be successful, be it in project or any other tasks.
  3. Desire, Obsession and Destruction Theory
    Unnecessary desires are the main reason behind obsessions. If your mind is thinking of an idea or thought that continually preoccupies or intrudes within, that may break your time schedules. It’s very important to stick with what’s important. Main Thing must always be “The Main Thing”. Otherwise, it may lead yourself to disastrous situation.
  4. Respect Your Better Half
    You may have seen lord Shiva’s images with half male(Shiva) and half female(Parvati). For this reason, he is also known with “Ardhanarishwar” – means half woman and half man. This symbolizes the respect and care for your counterpart. Every man should respect and care woman no matter what.
  5. Materialistic Happiness is Temporary
    Searching happiness in material world is not going to work for long term. You need to find inner peace and state of mind so that you can enjoy every moments happily. You can learn from Shiva’s outfit and appearance as well.
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